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Survey Robotic TS Package
Survey Robotic TS Package

$1,750/week - $4,400/month

Complete Leica robotic total station with handheld data collector and all robotic accessories.
  • TS13 or TS16 Robotic total station
  • Captivate Handheld data collector
  • Professional Charger
  • Prism, Bipod, Bracket & Pole
NOVA MS60 MultiStation
NOVA MS60 MultiStation

$2,400/week - $6,000/month

  • Advanced 3D laser scanning total station
  • RH16 Radio 
  • Handheld data collector
  • 1", R2000 
  • Conditions apply
  • Software and training available
TS16 Total Station
TS16 Total Station

$1,400/week - $3,500/month

  • Advanced Captivate Performance total station
  • Standard Accessories
  • 1", R1000 (or similar)
  • Please provide the following additional information
    • data collector model and software
    • required firmware version
TS07 Total Station
TS07 Total Station

$650/week - $1600/month

  • General purpose total station
  • 2", R500 (or similar)
  • Includes standard accessories
CS20 3.5G w/Captivate ROBOTIC
CS20 3.5G w/Captivate ROBOTIC

$300/week - $750/month

  • Robotic Radio
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Internal 3.5G modem
  • Leica Captivate workflows
    • Total station 
    • Robotic 
    • GNSS
LS15 Digital Level
LS15 Digital Level

$400/Week - $1000/Month

  • High precision digital level.
    • 1.0mm SD height measurement per 1.0km 
  • Fiberglass rods
    • Metric
    • Feet/Inches
  • All accessories available
  • Calibration certificates available (may incur additional costs)
NA2 Engineers Level
NA2 Engineers Level

$250/week - $600/month

  • High precision 32X optical level
  • Packages available 
    • Tripod 
    • Grade rod
  • Easy rent to own options

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