General FAQ

What if I am nowhere near one of your locations and cannot pick up the equipment?
With a national presence, we can usually arrange to have your rental delivered the next day before noon, earlier in major cities. Save time and money by having our shipping partners do the running around for you.

Who pays for the shipping?
On weekly or monthly rentals, we pay for the outbound shipment and you pay for the return. On daily rentals, you may be asked to pay for shipping both ways. It all depends on where you want it and how fast you want it to get there. You'll find we're flexible and reasonable on our shipping policy. We've been in the field and we understand things don't always go to plan. HDS rentals have a separate shipping policy that is detailed in the HDS section below.

I've decided I just want to buy the rental. Will you work with me on the rent I've paid to date?
Yes, in fact we'll credit 100% of the rental costs against a purchase made inside the first month. After that, its a sliding scale (i.e. 97.5% in month two). If you're on the fence about purchasing, then renting from us is a no risk alternative. Try it, like it, and we'll make it easy to buy it!

Do you offer a rent to own program?
Yes, just note that you'd like to see "Rent to Own Options" on the contact page or in the notes field of a rental equipment request. One of our managers will contact you to discuss how we can help get you the gear you need.

What accessories come with the rental?
Everything required to perform the primary task of that piece of equipment, such as batteries, chargers and cables, is included. "But I have my own charger?" you say. Well now you'll have a spare. Experience has taught us that extra batteries are better than no batteries so we ship working packages. **EXCEPTION** Unless requested, we never ship instrument tripods. Shipping costs tend to quickly close in on purchase costs. But, if you need one, let us know and we'll make it happen.

Surveying FAQ

Help! I need to get in touch with Survey Support.
Toll Free: 800-327-4773
E-mail: survey.support@leicaus.com

Or click here to be taken directly to our Support page.

What firmware version do I need to make sure eveything works?
Great question, here's how we address it in the rental process. First, we ask the question when you request any Viva equipment. Then, we work to best meet your need from our end. All our gear normally ships with the most up to date firmware version. When appropriate, we may roll back firmware on our equipment, assist you in updating your Customer Care Packages (CCP's), or seek alternative solutions to support out of date firmware.

Construction FAQ

Help! I need to get in touch with Construction Support.
Telephone: 770-326-9558
Toll Free: 800 4-LASERS
E-mail: alan.woodcox@leica-geosystems.com

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If you're looking for help with our iCON software solutions, Click here.

High Definition Scanning FAQ

Help! I need to get in touch with Scanning Support.
Telephone: (925) 790-2325
Support E-mail: support@lgshds.com
Licenses Email: license@lgshds.com

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How and why do you handle the shipping of HDS rentals differently?
Our HDS rental costs include shipping in both directions. We provide return labels in the carry case using our FedEx account. When you are ready to return the rental, just stick them on the cases, drop off at a FedEx location, or call for collection. High demand for our scanners means we have to tightly control how and when the rental is returned so we can meet the schedule of the next customer.


How do I establish a WiFi connection on the Zeno 20 Android OS?
First, make certain WiFi is turned on by going to Settings>Wireleses & Networks>WiFi and toggle it on. Next tap on WiFi and all wireless networks in range will be present. Select your WiFi network. If it is password protected you will need to enter the proper credentials.

Monitoring FAQ

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