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The C10 Copy tool will not connect to the scanner. Why?
Be sure that your computer's network is set to the C10. In most cases, the warning of 'no internet found' will be triggered. Also be sure the version of the Copy tool matches the version of the Firmware on the scanner. Last, be sure all connections between the computer and the scanner are snug.

Why is my C10 not booting?
Chances are the batteries are either missing or are not properly charged. In some instances, an improperly charged battery will cause the scanner to hang during boot up.

How long will each resolution setting take to complete?
The resolution settings on the C10 refer to point spacing. The Low setting will take about 1.5 minutes to finish. The Medium setting will take about 6 minutes to finish. The High setting will take about 30 minutes to finish. The Highest setting will take about 90 minutes to finish. If you are taking images as well, add 5-7 minutes to the scan time to estimate the total scanning and image time.

Why does the base of the scanner 'shake' when I am carrying the scanner and it is still on?
The C10 has two main halves of the turret. By design, the weight of the top turret pushes down on the bottom turret to create the contact between the two. Once lifted of being carried, this connection is broken and the bottom turret will 'shake' where it is looking for that connection. Once the scanner is mounted or gently put down, this will stop. This shaking will not harm the scanner.

I forgot to tap the 'StdStp' button before starting my next scan position. Is my scan data from the last position still there?
Yes. The scan data will be preserved where you will have a scan inside a scan. However, any image data taken on the second scan, the second set of images will overwrite the first set. There are methods to separate the scan data in the raw files or in Cyclone after import.

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